Features that make your creative freelancing journey easier

From handoffs to payments, we’ve got you covered!
Your entire project on one platform
Turtlewig is built to let you streamline your freelance projects, and keep them in one place. Organising files, design reviews, payments and everything in between- we've got you covered.
Look Confident and Professional
In the handoffs stage, Turtlewig helps you organise your project in the easiest and most efficient way possible. Wave goodbye to long pdfs while you present your work elegantly.
Be creative while we do the rest
By using Turtlewig all you have to do is focus on your Creative handoffs as we take care of the rest for you. From protecting files to requesting payments, we have it all.
Create unlimited projects
Using Turtlewig you can create organised handoffs for each freelance project you undertake.
Upload files
Use Turtlewig to upload images, pdfs, videos and more as your freelance project deliverables.
Auto-extract colors
Quickly extract colors from images to make color palettes for your projects.
Upload fonts
Showcase the fonts you have used by uploading ttf/otf fonts with Turtlewig.
Embed links
Paste URLs in your handoff using Turtlewig by embedding the link in the project.
Protect and have control over your files
Enable/Disable file download
You stay in command of your work. Clients can only download your files when you allow them access
Watermark your files
Lose your fears of plagiarism. Turtlewig's watermark feature ensures that your files and creative work remain yours.
Share and collaborate
Turtlewig enables you to make multiple people editors or viewers in your project. This help you give access to other people while you remain in control of the project.
Can only view your project; won’t have any direct access to your assets.
Can view and edit your project; has direct access to your assets and features in the project.
Get reviews from clients on the same platform
Bbye Looooooong email threads
We know you are tired of hopping between platforms and finding reviews in those long email threads where conversations get lost. Allow Turtlewig to show you how smoothly reviews can be managed.
Receive payments
When it's time to get paid for your hardwork, all you have to do is request your payment- and we at Turtlewig make sure that you receive it. Remember : You are the owner of your project. We offer a diverse set of payment methods which make payments easier for you and your client.
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