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We can debate about that for ages, but we answer some question about turtlewig

How can I create an invoice?

Creating an invoice as a freelancer in India is extremely simple. You can just use a simple invoice template such as https://www.invoicesimple.com/invoice-template/google-docs-invoice-template.

In description, mention the nature of your services, set quantity to 1 and remove the rest of the rows below. Fill out your name and address, the clients name and address, invoice number, date and you're pretty much ready to go. As long as all these details are present, you can also design it yourself and make it look fancy.  If you are a GST registered business, talk to your CA. But hey, if you're here, you probably don't fall in that category.

Once the invoice is ready, send it to your client along with a payment request on Turtlewig. That's it.

Why should you link a bank account to Turtlewig?

Turtlewig is primarily a handoff tool for a designer to use with their clients. But we also have a neat payment tool built in. What this allows you to do is link a bank account and create a payment request to a client. The client receives an email to check out your work and then pay you. In the payment portal, all different payment methods like UPI, Net banking, Credit/Debit cards etc are all made available. No more going back and forth with a client on sharing different payment methods. Regardless of how the client pays on Turtlewig, we ensure that it reaches your bank account directly. Getting paid is now a breeze!

Are payments through Turtlewig secure?

YES! Turtlewig never stores any details for your banking information. we simply pass it along to our trusted payment gateway - Razorpay - who do the heavy lifting when it comes to your payment information. Our payment gateway is PCI compliant and all data going between Turtlewig and Razorpay is completely encrypted.

Why does turtlewig support only Indian currency?

Currently, we only have payment integration for money coming into India. If you're a freelancer outside India looking to get paid through Turtlewig, get in touch with us at gautam@23ml.in and we'll be happy to help you.

How much space do I have on Turtlewig to upload my files?

For now, Turtlewig is in an open beta. We have no restrictions on the number or size of files you upload. Although, very soon we plan to introduce (very generous) paid plans for users looking for large amounts of cloud storage. Enjoy while there are no restrictions!

What are the file formats I can upload?

You can use Turtlewig for virtually any file format in the world. But here's a list of the ones that render natively inside Turtlewig. All image types including jpeg, svg, png, gif among many more. Many video formats such as .avi, .mp4, .mkv among others. Additionally, we also support PDFs, otf and ttf.

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