We promise to keep it fair,
This is our refund policy

Turtlewig Subscription

●      All users of Turtlewig’s subscription-based services are entitled to a free 14-daytrial period (“trial period”).

●      Once the trial period is complete, users can choose to continue using Turtlewig bypaying the requisite subscription fees.

●      Oncesubscribed, users are free to cancel their subscription prematurely[1] .However, they will not be entitled to any refund for time remaining fromTurtlewig, and Turtlewig shall retain all prepaid fees. here'slight technical difference here. Cancellation happens at the end of the termand the user has access till the end of the term. Probably doesnt change whatyou've written right?

Transactions between two parties on the Turtlewig platform

●     All design files will be visible to the payer before they pay the designer. In case of visibly unsatisfactory work, the payer can refuse to go through with the transaction and choose not to download and claim the files. Refunds will accordingly be rather rare.

●      Incase the payer pays the amount, and for any other reason the downloaded files are deficient in quality or are malfunctioning when downloaded, you can initiate a refund request within 24 hours of payment by writing to refund@turtlewig.com.

●      We will stop the payment and hold the amount with us. A representative will get in touch, and examine if it’s a glitch for our end is causing the files to malfunction.

●      Since the payer always has the ability to check the files and discretion to not pay the designer, we shall always presume that all files paid for, match the description, scope of work, milestones, and/or requirements.

●      Regardless, in case such a refund request is raised, the payer shall within 72 hours of raising the same, furnish written proof of previous communication with the payee which scoped out the required work, and if we are satisfied with the same, the amount will be refunded. In case we are not satisfied, we shall proceed to transfer the amount to the designer.

Let us know if you think we missed out on something.