“The most real solution to freelancer non-payment I've ever seen”

Neil Shroff, lawyer from NLU, Delhi

Get paid from anywhere and everywhere without any additional charges.

Looking to streamline payments?

Clients get to pay using their local currency, from anywhere in the world. We make the payout to you as soon as the client pays. Minimal hassles, zero objections from clients.

We accept international cards also.

We support all domestic payment methods as well as international cards

Looking to get paid through international wire transfer? Contact support for our bank details.

How does it work ?

1 : You link your bank account

We just ask for your bank account number, ifsc code and account holder’s name. All details are stored with razorpay in an encrypted manner.

2 : Add files and invite your client

This is mandatory. We do not guarantee the safety of your payment if you do not upload any files

3 : Create a payment request

We show you the breakdown of fees here. You can also use international currencies to let clients pay in their preferred method

international payment for Indian freelancers, all methods are available.

4 : Client clicks pay now

Completely secure using Razorpay

5 : You receive the payment directly in your bank account

We convert international payments to INR and transfer the money to your account in a matter of hours.


You create your project and handoff real deliverables through Turtlewig.

How much do we charge ?

You pay nothing out of your pocket. Gateway fees and convenience charge of ~3% are applied to the client, depending on the payment method. We show you the fee breakdown transparently before you make a request.