Let's be honest, Dropbox was made to store files. Not to handle creative workflows

Many design and marketing teams have realized this and shifted to Turtlewig.

Tired of switching between Google drive, docs and email to exchange feedback?

Use Turtlewig to import all your Google drive files, and start sending visual feedback.

Feature comparision



Preview fonts and colours

Fonts and colors form a core part of any brand's identity. We support ttf, otf, woff, hex and rbg assets and preview them natively

Color pop

Turtlewig automatically extracts all the colors present in creative assets to add them to your board quickly

Section view

Section level permissions for viewing, uploading, downloading and full access. Sections can also be invite-only or open access.

Advanced link sharing

When you share a link, the link preview shows the asset and the description. This way your clients are more likely to use Turtlewig and save you the pain of getting reviews over email, whatsapp, iMessage.


Being able to provide visual annotations on photos, PDF's and videos

Time stamped comments on videos

Precise comments on video frames with timestamps

White labeling + custom domain hosting

Change the look and feel of Turtlewig, and give your clients a branded experience.

Custom watermarking

Change the optional watermark to your own brand logo/pattern

Live chat support

Talk to us anytime to get support for onboarding, training, ticket resolution or suggestions. We are all ears

Version history

View, tag and manage different versions of the same asset and breeze through your iteration cycles without losing your hair

Tiered admin roles

Create multiple admins and granularly manage access levels of all collaborators, both internal and external

Receive International payments

Currently only active for collecting payments from India. What to know how it works ? Learn more

Features on the way

Things to be built which sets us apart

Viewer analytics
Keep track of which clients and other collaborators have logged in and accessed files. Automate reminders for approvals and usage.
Custom integrations
Turtlewig is open to building integrations on demand if we see a strong use case for the rest of our user base.
Version compare
Quickly compare any version with another to visually compare the both.