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How to package yourself to get better gigs


February 2021
Stop running! Yes, it is indispensable for a freelancer to land clients to earn money, but there are several other ways to land a client without running behind them.

As freelancers we are always running behind clients, trying to persuade them by hook or by crook to provide us work. But do you think this is the right way to go about it? Do you not get tired of running behind them and submitting to their conditions? Do you not realize that they are the ones searching for you and that they need you to get their projects going?

Stop running! Yes, it is indispensable for a freelancer to land clients to earn money, but there are several other ways to land a client without running behind them.

So how do you do that? By packaging your services in a way that’s clear, concise, and attractive to your ideal client, you’ll secure more work, easily and faster. Look around yourself - there are so many other freelancers who might be better or worse than you; how do you expect a client to figure out which one is the best fit for them? The onus is on you to package your services in a way that simplifies the information the client has to process and the decision they need to make, by reducing cognitive barriers and prompting them to buy your services. The easier you make it for the client to process the deal, the easier it becomes for you to seal it!

Here are some 6 tips that'll enable you to package your freelance services to attract the type of clients you want.

01- Figure out your market

A lot of freelancers skip this, but it is one of the most important steps toward getting the right clients. Decide what services you want to offer. Give yourself some time, and think about which market you want to conquer.The best part about this is you can focus on the type of work you really want to do – when you do zero in on what you're passionate about and create a mesmerizing package around it, the clients who need those services will find you.

02- Research the market and the client

Know what your client is looking for, what other fellow freelancers of similar domains are offering at various pricing segments, and how they are reaching their client base. It’s also helpful to ask potential clients and friends in the industry about what the in-demand skills and typical project requirements in your area of expertise are.

03- Push out your work to spots your potential clients frequent

Create a plan of action and start putting your work out there. Be consistent with your work, different from your competitors, precise about what you are offering, and patient about the process. Showcase your work the way the client would want it to be and don't forget to sell your story too! Also, get specific in your offerings- the more specific you get with your service packages, the more likely a client is to approach you the very moment they see your work.Try building client's trust in your work, add elements that make you more client-friendly.

04- Build strong relations

Connect with people in your domain and other domains. It might sound simple but a lot of people don't understand the importance of this point. The more people know you and know about your expertise, the more they reach out you for collaborations, refer you to gigs, or even ask for group freelance gigs. So, build quality connections and grow together!

05-  Market it well

Freelancers can't be just limited to doing gigs- we need to handle the marketing aspect too, and handle it right! There are several ways to market yourself- for example, add a call to action titled "Hire Me" at the bottom of your content. That way, you’re more likely to see a direct return on all that time and effort you spent on that piece of content. Marketing can and will lead you to the customers that you want to work for.

06- Measure, reflect, and revise

By very definition, no one has the perfect formula for anything creative. It simply depends on how much you're willing to push the boundaries of your skill and imagination. So go with your gut initially, then test what works and what doesn’t. Apply those lessons, and eventually, you’ll find the right direction. Just make sure you are consistent with what you are headed towards. And also don't try being someone else and copy what they are doing- be yourself, and your people will follow you for what you are and not how well you can copy someone else!

Increasing your presence in the market will make sure more people know you and your work, thus leading you to our version of heaven on earth- more quality clients! When clients start approaching you after looking at your work rather than you running behind them for work, you will know you are headed in the right direction.

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