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Hack your way into getting the best clients in 2021


January 2021
Here's your one guide to keep you sharp in 2021, making sure to get you clients.

With 2020 coming to an end most of us are focusing on what resolutions or changes we want to make in the coming year. Some of us plan on going to the gym, some of us want to start eating healthy and some of us are plotting our path to the right job. The only mishap that happens every year is that we forget about these resolutions within the first few weeks of January.

It is proven that 42.22% of Millennials fail to keep up with their resolutions past the first month of the year. But there is a solution to this. It's been the most well kept secret of the wildly productive outliers. Take a guess? It's called 'building good habit'. I know that sounds lame, but it's the door to achieving your lofty dreams. trust me.

If we freelancers could pick ONLY ONE dream to achieve off our dozens, we'd probably pick "Work with my dream clients and make a ton of money and take my business and clout to the next level".

Again, you can hit that tall goal, if you adopt the right actions, and do them consistently. Here are the 5 habits that you need to get yourself your ideal clients:

a) Design everyday.

As a freelancer, a lot of us are always looking for projects to design for. What if we changed our perspective on this? Say, you've only worked on 3 design projects, and that too within a very narrow niche. What if you did multiple hypothetical projects as per your interests and whims, exploring the subjects and styles that spark your interest? The benefit here is two-fold - one, these projects can showcase to potential clients your range of capacities and style. And two, if you design everyday, creating something of your own accord, you are going to grow every day. Say you grow 1% everyday. That growth compounds everyday, and within the first quarter of 2021, you will be 2.5X more skilled and experienced in design than today's version of yourself.

A simple way to compound at this rate is

b) Constantly network

Wake up to your favorite platform to engage with creators that are 5x to 10x better than you are and look at their latest advances. Communicate with the people who are engaging with these creators' posts. Reach out to the big shots on Twitter and react to their posts on Instagram.

As the popular saying goes, "Your network determines your net worth". In a fast-moving space like freelancing, you need to engage with as many high-quality freelancers as you can for you to head in the right direction and always be in the know.

c) Put out work that you do

The biggest, most efficient workflow that you can follow to grab more attention for yourself, is posting the work you create - as frequently as you can. You can post on various different platforms and you can post various types of work. The focus here should be striking that fine balance between quality and quality so as to get a good volume of your work out there while not compromising on your standards. This will expose your ideal clients to your work, creating a wonderful impression of you before you even interact directly with them. This seduction at scale, using social media ;)

d) Look for creative ways to find client

Of late, mainstream ways of finding clients are dying due to over-saturation of the market. So, figuring out where your ideal clients are active will let you put yourself where you can get their attention, in your own unique way. It's not just about the platform, it's not just about what you say; it's about putting them together, creating platform-contextual content and giving them an experience to live!

e) Create a personal brand

Make your work and presence look more and more professional each day. When you do land a client, it'll give you the leverage to price higher. Here are a few things you can get going immediately- create an email signature use it. Create an Instagram page to post about your content. Create a LinkedIn to network with others in your industry and start posting content relevant to your brand.

With these 5 points in action, you will not find clients...they will find you. And if you find this blog post useful then our only request is to pay it forward. Share it with your network and stand out for helping them find valuable content.

Thanks for helping the freelancer community ☺️

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