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Hefty marketplace commissions are avoidable! Here's the new way


December 2020
Creative individuals have long had to resort to freelance marketplaces to find work. But there are fundamental flaws with this approach. Let's take a look at them..

Creative individuals have long had to resort to freelance marketplaces to find work. Sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Guru etc... often promise lucrative projects. But there are fundamental flaws with their approach.

Briefly - here's what we think about them

Creative individuals are different. We deserve to differentiate ourselves in terms of our quality. That is simply not possible with the status quo. So what's the solution?

The solution is called Turtlewig. Our mission is to accelerate the tooling and support required for creative individuals to freelance independently, on their own terms, without facing the problems mentioned above.

The future we imagine looks like this

Let's you're an experienced creative freelancer looking for a cost-effective, yet high quality tool to help with your design proofing needs you can use Turtlewig. The same tool become a long term asset management solution for your client. So clients can refer back to their files right here on Turtlewig, and it works better than the existing alternatives, Win-Win right? If you're freelancing from India, we also allow you to collect payments internationally and use Turtlewig like an escrow.

Let's say you're a skilled designer who is a beginner in the world of freelancing, our community and content ecosystem on Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter will help you make the first steps towards your freelancing career. You can use the profile builder (coming soon) at to setup your portfolio in a way that clients care. You can get your friends and peers to leave reviews and help with referrals. You can also share this profile anywhere on the internet and make it the home of all your creative work. All for free. When you do land your client, we will not take a commission for that. All we request you to do is ask your client to pay through Turtlewig or pay us a small monthly fee -> Pricing Page.

Sounds fair? Let's do this

Reduce design iteration cycles with Turtlewig.

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